Infinity Division

Lobster Theremin, Technicolour, Tresor – CA

Known for their blisteringly raw, relentless live performances Infinity Division has carved their own space in the world of dance music, fusing elements of industrial, breakbeat and hardcore, with a penchant for melancholic trance infused melody, through a distinctly punk lens. Breaking out via the underground Vancouver scene and now residing in Berlin the debut Album 'InDreams' solidified them on the worldwide live circuit and laid the groundwork for the conceptual visual aspect of the project, surrounding itself around the "near future" and playing with dystopian themes that we live with in the present.

Following their 2018 album on Ninja Tune’s Technicolor, 2020 saw the launch into a series of EP’s with Berlin’s legendary Tresor Records. DESTROY ---> [physical] REALITY [psychic] <--- TRUST - which first launched in early 2020, is gearing up the third release in the series in early 2022.

In addition to a series of remixes for artists such as Skream, Louisahhh, Boy Harsher, Henning Baer have been released over the past couple years with more to come in 2022 After the departure of Lida P, Ash Luk now has developed a solo live performance which debuted at London’s Wide Awake festival – inducing an audience frenzy, complete with crowdsurfing, which confirmed no lack of the relentless energy that one has come to expect from the project. Luk’s history in the punk scene, playing in Vancouvers lié, no doubt informs this raw live sound. Channeling the viscerality of intimate performance into pure connection with the dancers. The Body is Meat, The Mind is Unlimited - Hardware Hardcore is here to stay.