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Rösten Semantica – SE

SSTROM is the solo project of Hannes Stenström, one half of enigmatic techno duo SHXCXCHCXSH (SHX). While the latter opt for densely textured and warm filtered techno, Hannes output is more of an explicitly rhythmic affair relying on tense immediacy, more spontaneous/improvisational nature, sometimes coming close to the Drexciyan realms, yet still retaining atmospheric sensibilities of SHX. Thus the subtle 4x4 pulsations frame vivid narratives, rich layers of texture with lush harmonies surfacing from the warm and alien flow. The sonic diversity is best manifested in his Otider LP released on SHX’s Rösten label. The record relates to some rediscovered artifacts relating to personal experiences and incorporates a diversity of genres and their elements ranging from ‘90s rave echoes to hints of minimal synth or outsider house melodic sensibility. Yet everything is carefully merged into a coherent whole with signature SSTROM sonic features. It is indeed one of the most colorful offerings in the current techno landscape.

“What I’m interested in is the very immediate sense of atmosphere, what you feel before you have a chance to think twice about it. It’s a sort of in-between feeling which is not totally objective, nor completely subjective, but it’s there and we all feel pretty similar about it,” says Hannes. This “in-between feeling” is clearly felt within the dense landscapes of his compositions, which at times hint at some familiar references yet manage to obscure it with sharp unearthly haze.

There are much more to come from the camp of SSTROM in early 2019. Unfortunate incident of spilling liquid on the laptop, proved to be creatively fruitful, with three forthcoming EPs as a result. Emerging from a set of very simple and short patterns and a SEM module they will showcase another face of the project. Like a kaleidoscope the patterns here are all based on the same components where a minor change in the relations, changes the picture completely.