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fka.m4a, a distinguished and vibrant DJ, has become a musical beacon in Berlin‘s illustrious and worldwide music scene, bringing boundless energy and eclectic mixes from his London roots. With many critically acclaimed performances at Berlin’s HÖR livestream radio, he seamlessly blends Italo disco, chunky house, hi-NRG beats, and psychedelic techno, creating a feel-good and diverse auditory experience that resonates with warmth and exuberance.

His journey, marked by performances at iconic venues like Panorama Bar and Berghain, and collaborations with renowned artists like Peggy Gou, underscores his resilience and diverse musical influences. These notable connections and his commitment to unpretentious and inclusive sound- scapes have solidified his presence, especially within Berlin‘s dance and queer communities, earning him a strong following and making him a prominent figure in these vibrant circles.

With a slew of bookings and a much-anticipated solo production in the works, he continues to be a beacon of authenticity and connection in the music industry, marking him as a rising star in the global music landscape and a symbol of diversity and passion in the queer community.