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Producer, DJ, & Ritmo Fatale label boss, Kendal is driven by his 'no past, no present, no future' motto. Best known for his timeless productions & dj sets - where the flesh merges with the machine - he blends italo-disco with EBM, trance & synth-wave in order to bring euphoria and nostalgia to the dance floor.

Spotted by David Vunk, Kendal's career began with his first EP « Manifesto » (Moustache records, 2019)  which quickly gained the attention of established artists and solded out instantly. His widely acclaimed second effort ‘Inferno’ (Dischi Autunno) led him to become a significant player in the Italo scene and beyond, playing his first live act at Panorama Bar and touring weekly across Europe. His most outstanding tracks include "Come to me", "Intacto" or "Mort sur le dancefloor »

His collaboration with Pablo Bozzi under their INFRAVISION moniker has been praised for its unique sound and signature style of « Italo Body Music » on their album ‘Illegal future’ (Fleisch, 2021).

In 2020, together with Paul Guglielmi, he founded his own label: Ritmo Fatale. Influenced by Italo Disco, EBM and Early Trance, the label has quickly become one of Europe's most exciting, consistently delivering dancefloor anthems with stunning artworks. They put lot of effort to discover and push emerging artists. 

Kendal's ability to blend different genres and create an unique sound full of emotion with haunting melodies that speak of both the past and the future makes him an artist to watch.