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Peder Mannerfelt

Peder Mannerfelt Produktion, Voam, Hinge Finger – SE

Peder Mannerfelt splits the difference between playful immediacy and daring experimentation. You’re as likely to find him premiering a live show at Berlin’s Atonal festival as pulling apart fabled techno meccas from Berghain to Fabric with synapse-frying precision. One minute he’s being asked to remix Björk, and the next he’s dropping EPs of non-conformist techno for Karenn’s Voam label. 

As a prolific collaborator throughout his career, Mannerfelt has veered from the orchestral tension of Roll The Dice (with Malcolm Pardon) to the anything-goes maximalism of Aasthma (with Pär Grindvik). As a producer, he’s worked on every one of Fever Ray’s acclaimed albums and live shows, as well as projects from alt music heavyweights such as Smerz, Blonde Redhead and Glasser. His Peder Mannerfelt Produktions label has become another outlet for his singular approach, presenting his work alongside similarly experimental operators like Sissel Wincent, Machine Woman, Klara Lewis and Hodge. 

More recently, his PM+ series celebrates the immediacy of club-focused tracks, and Mannerfelt thrives on the energy and community of contemporary club music. What makes him different is his response to that energy, as he pushes the music’s possibilities in wild, unpredictable directions.