Somniac One

PRSPCT, DSNT, RAW, Ghostly InternationalLT

Somniac One is a Lithuanian DJ and producer whose powerful sound and aesthetics have made her one of industrial and underground electronic music's most sought after names.

Somniac One's sound is intense, atmosphere-driven and technically precise. Her fierce kicks, combined with distinct and innovative sound design have made her one of the most respected artists from hardcores new wave of producers. Her out of the box approach to hardcore and techno made her an ideal match for trend-setting and leading events like the Astropolis Festival, Defqon.1, Bang Face, Unpolished, Masters of Hardcore, Motel Mozaique and Boiler Room.

Somniac One started producing electronic music in her bedroom at the age of 13. She released music on renowned underground labels Love Hz and Meta4 before signing to PRSPCT Recordings for a series of breakout EPs. Today Somniac One's music is supported by some of the most prominent names in both hardcore and techno. She continually works to expand her stylistic range and territory which resulted in recent releases on DSNT, RAW and Ghostly International.

Like all musicians, Somniac One is a product of her environment. She has lived in seven different countries and was able to experience a wide range of underground scenes. This resulted in a natural ability to weave diverse cultural influences into a coherent musical narrative. This shines through in both her productions and DJ sets, which effortlessly combine techno, IDM and hardcore with a proven sensibility for servicing any and all dance floors, including yours.